My favorite classes to teach are those in which I learn.

At Chapman, I’m lucky to run our ancient philosophy courses. Every semester I teach a course called “From Socrates to Aquinas” (link to syllabus). In Fall 2023, I will teach the first iteration of my new course “Bootcamp in Aristotle” (link to syllabus).

I’m doubly lucky to teach also in the Humanomics courses offered by the Smith Institute at Chapman. These are co-taught, interdisciplinary courses covering economics, literature, and philosophy. I taught “Trust in Troubling Times” with Jan Osborn, professor in english; “Shame: The Civilizing Emotion” with Erin Crockett, professor in economics; and “What is Progress?” with Erik Kimbrough, professor in economics.

I believe in showing how to learn rather than telling, so I learn with my students and incorporate new-to-me readings deliberately and often.

Learning should be lifelong and fun.