Works in Progress

“The Psychology of Money” examines of the relationship of citizens in Plato’s ideal city (as described in the Republic) to money. I argue that scholars have exaggerated Plato’s aversions to money, and I suggest a reading according to which Plato appreciates the role of money in facilitating market exchange.

“Peer Disagreement in Aristotle’s Ethical Epistemology” utilizes modern concepts in epistemology to explore the correspondence in knowledge between peer moral experts, conceived as Aristotle conceives of phronesis.

“Aristotle on the Possibility of Artifical Intelligence” is a project in knowledge representation. I draw on Aristotle’s concept of nous as a “capable of receiving forms”</i> (De Anima 3.4) for approaching the question of AI’s possibility and, in turn, utilize notions in modern technology for scrutinizing Aristotle.

Recent Publications

“Plato’s Market Optimism” argues that Plato, in the Republic explicitly permits (and disallows interference in) self-regulation in market business among the members of the producer class.

“Meddling in the Work of Another” makes the case that there are two conjuncts in the account of justice we find in Plato’s Republic, the first being that justice involves “doing one’s own work”, and the second that it requires “not meddling in the work of another.”